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General Information
Area: 5,576 km ²
Population: 170,117 (1990)
Provincial Traffic Code: 75
Ardahan province, 27 May 1992, issued by law, the Republic of Turkey 75 was established as a province.
Ardahan Castle, the research reveals the remains of early Bronze Age in the region. Ascending the old name. Ardahan Castle for many years, remained Ottoman territory against attacks from the direction of the Caucasus. San Stefano Treaty of 1878 the region to Russia, the 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was back. Placement on 26 April 1919, the Georgians have suffered the invasion, 23 are joined in February 1921, the territory of Turkey.
Damal Mountains, the Great Leader Atatürk silhouette of falling for the first time in 1952 due to Damal'a Gündeş up by the citizen from the village name was called beautiful Kırmızıgül. Dove silhouette photographs were taken by photographer Erdogan later with the General Chief of Staff sent the negatives. These photos were exhibited for the first time Resmileşen Anıtkabir. Each year up to 15 hours of June 15 and 18 of July, the silhouette of Atatürk on their backs from the land, approximately 20 minutes followed.
Terrestrial climate is dominant in winter long, harsh and snowy, while summers are short and cool. Which is surrounded by mountains and only approximately 900 m. Posof district is located in an altitude of microclimatic conditions and climate, mild winters and rainy, and summers are hot passes.
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Ardahan (center), Cildir, Damal, lake, Hanak, Posof.
With a history of 3,000 years, is the province of Ardahan, which is a branch of the Caucasian Turks in AD 628 through the hands of the Turks of Ardahan Arda was the name. Alparslan, conquered by the Seljuks in 1068 AD the past, Amasya agreement signed on May 29, 1555 by Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman empire have been included. At the end of the Ottoman-Russian war of 1876 -1877 as a war indemnity of Kars and Batumi, with the July 13, 1878 agreement with the Russians left Berlin in 1918, Ardahan Bresy - Litowski gained agreement with the motherland, but on 30 October 1918 the National council established by the Government of Ardahan Armistice Armistice conditions have been rejected, the Government of National Salvation council integrates Savaşımızla Karabekir Pasha and army under the command of Khalid Pasha, 23 February 1921 by the province at a cost of kurtarılmıştır.Kazım Karabekir date "Straits throat, the Kars-Ardahan Kemiğimizdir Bel." Ardahan, saying the promise for our country It said that Turkey's strategic importance.
After the proclamation of the Republic, which is the province of Ardahan district by Law No. 877 made in 1926, the newly created province of Kars. In the province of Ardahan province was established on 27.05.1992.
ARDAHAN Geographic Location:
Located northeast of Anatolia, north of Ardahan, Ajaria (Georgia Soil), in the northeast part of Georgia and Armenia, southeast and south of Kars, Artvin provinces in the west and surrounded by South-east of Erzurum.
Ardahan plain; Yalnızçam Northern part of the mountains, the mountains of south-west extensions of Allahu akbar, Keldağ the northeast, east and south side of Mount Vulture Mountain is surrounded by barren. The middle of the river Kura Ardahan 1800 m. has altitude.
Which are adjacent to the Black Sea Region East Anatolia region in the northeast part of the provincial territory is high and hilly. Height 3000 m peak in the province of Ardahan, many are in excess. Kelkit mountains forming the eastern section of the Coruh-Yalnızçam mountains extends along the border with the province of Artvin.
the northeastern part of the province of Keldağ (3033 m.), the Eastern part of the Vulture mountain (3026 m.) is located. In parts of the rugged mountains of the southern part of the territory of the province with the barren mountain creates Allahu akbar. Northeast-Southwest to do? Line extending on the mountains of Allahu akbar Kabakdağ 3,054 m. high. The highest point in the province in the southwest of the lake and 3,197 m. Cildir to access the barren mountain peak.
the middle section is called the high plains of the province of Ardahan Plateau. The height of the plateau 1800-2000 m above sea level varies between. Central areas referred to as plain low-section of Ardahan. a dent on the plains to the west of the other provinces in the area of ​​barren mountain to the plains of the south-western part of Haskovo lake Plain.
Do not Leave Without:
* Wild Lake, strolling around the lake aktaş
* Eating carp
* Evil castle, fortress of Ardahan rigs Visiting other fortresses.
* Watching the silhouette of Ataturk,
* Festivals monitoring,
* Ardahanda eating fresh trout, dömeyin
Folk Cuisine
Each area of ​​Anatolia, we see that the unique food culture and taste. This carries on the cultural characteristics of the area's geographical climate. For this reason, Ardahan, 'developed a cuisine based on the agriculture and animal husbandry. Grain is based on meat and animal products. Goose meat has a special place in the region. Vegetables, potatoes, onions and beans are as.
Asia to Anatolia, Ardahan, this strategic location as a transit point between the states in this region, struggles have caused throughout history, and constantly had to change hands. Urartu, Anil Turks, Types of Saka-Scythians, who lived in the region are the major civilizations of the Seljuks and the Ottomans.
In our country, every region has its own characteristics, such as Ardahan'ında these features have a cultural heritage that distinguishes itself with. The last years of the Ottoman Empire, Russian, Armenian and Gürcilerin invaded and who has to live in captivity for years, local people did not compromise their own culture, moved up to that legacy today.

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